Read what graduates of our program have to say about their experience with Peace Reins.

veteran walking a horse

“I found that learning about horses and how they see the world was interesting because horses live in the moment and I don’t. They also don’t live in the past or future. The most surprising thing I learned about myself was that I was able to focus, stay calm, and find some happiness.”

“I thought the program would be fun but not as spiritual as I feel it is now. It is a mind, body, and soul course and will be life-altering.  The most surprising thing I learned about myself was that I was still able to care and connect with myself and express feelings with others.”

“My fear was that the emotions I felt immediately after the Monday sessions would fade in time. As it turns out, the opposite has been the case, and it has taken on the place in my life as the foundation for so many seemingly disconnected facets of my life. Since Reins, I have been able to take these unrelated bits of my past and realize the “whys” and “because” of so many issues I have not been able to make sense of.”

“I learned that if I am calm, the horses are calm. My actions cause most reactions. I was afraid the first day with the horses but then found them both calming and exciting. They made me feel calm and better about myself. “

“When I think about my relationships…I feel that this program helped me most in terms of helping me be more mindful of where I am, and allowing me to respond instead of react. The most interesting thing I learned about myself was how much fear and anxiety I hold subconsciously.”

veterans who graduated from Peace Reins

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